Shire Officers of Druim Doineann

senechalSeneschal:  THL Laurin of Rosewood

MarshalBranch Marshal: OPEN

Arts and SciencesArts & Sciences: HL Careann MacFarlane

ExchequerExchequer: Erin O'Tuathail

Master of Swords: OPEN

Herald: Catarina de Liguria

Shire Waterbearer: OPEN

ArcherChief Archer: OPEN

BardShire Bard: Master James the Obscure, O.L.

ChroniclerChronicler: OPEN

ListsList Mistress: OPEN

ChatelaineChatelaine: Bjorn O'Moraine

Web MinisterWebminister:
Becky R. Northaven

Social MediaSocial media: OPEN

ChirugeonChirurgeon: OPEN

Gold KeyGold key:
HL Careann MacFarlane

Games masterGames Master:
Becky R. Northaven

ConstabableConstable: OPEN

ScribeScribe: OPEN

Pied PiperPied Piper: OPEN